About roger's cleaning service

About Our Company

Roger’s Cleaning Service is a family-owned business, since 1995 we have flourished and developed through our dedication to providing the support of our professional and caring efficient personnel. We offer maintenance services including state of the art institutions, commercial, and residential buildings in Miami-Dade and Broward counties.
Understanding which requires meeting all your janitorial service needs in demanding high traffic environments. You can have confidence that day in and day out, our janitorial service best practice will please your customers while making your business shine.

Health-Based Company

Every day we strive to provide services that help people to live healthier lives by retaining the work environment clean. This is our daily commitment to human health which not only extends to our employees but our clients, consequently by providing health-based cleaning standards and procedures. During the SARSCoVpandemic, our knowledge in the field has allowed us to be a front-line defense for our clients in sanitizing against the Covid-19 disease following all CDC recommendations and using US-EPA approved disinfectants.

Our Most Valuable AssetsOur Employees

We believe in fostering a workplace environment in which employees can fully develop and utilize their talent, training, knowledge, and experience resulting in quality care, higher visitor satisfaction, and financial success of our customers. We proudly treat our employees just like we treat each other, with respect, compassion, and understanding with the result of low employee turnover.

Customer Service:

Our success is the strength of our client relationships, which is the key to our growth, by adapting to each client’s individual needs, and financial situation. Roger’s Cleaning Services is a straightforward company and honor our commitments. We strive to do the highest quality of work and believe that service demands increasingly higher levels of excellence – and therefore no level of service today that cannot be improved tomorrow.